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However I experience a strange problem. All pictures look a little blur to me. After a lot of comparison between Raw, JPG from the body, and also compare with Lightroom open same raw file.

By this config, the picture always little bit blur. And I could fix it by increase the amount to will be fine. But it’s still a big question for me, why on focus picture need amount in sharpening. Finally I found the threshold setting makes huge difference. After adjust the THreshold to 0, others ссылка на страницу keep default.

The picture look fine now. I am not good at post process, Is there any suggestion for me about the sharpening adjustment? Really appreciate. This is default setting, threshold is 1. I change to 0, it’s sharper. I don’t use C1, but it’s likely why you really don’t want the Masking slider at zero in Lightroom either which is, but shouldn’t be, the default in LR capture one pro 12 sharpening free to avoid sharpening and accentuating the underlying base noise which is always present to some degree, even at base ISO, in an APS-C RAW file.

Unnecessarily accentuating the low level crap including demosaicing artifacts is the primary cause of the dreaded, but easily avoided, “worms” in Lightroom. Here is an official Phase one webinar on sharpening. The moderator explains what Threshold does at There are no hard and fast rules and the default settings should be a good starting point from which each user ссылка на страницу alter to meet their preference.

I also seem to remember that, for instance, for a Luminance Noise slider setting of 50 the actual effect on an image would not necessarily be the same from camera to camera. Try turning the sharpening right down then use the ‘Structure’ slider to enhance fine detail instead of the sharpening capture one pro 12 sharpening free. Then use the sharpening sliders to clarify edges with a small Radius, small Threshold and largish Amount.

If you have C1 Express then you won’t have masking capabilities but if you have the masking capability use masks to keep your adjustments limited to the areas that need adjusting and leave alone those areas that would suffer degradation like noisy skys etc. I used to use LR for quite long time. And never think about the LR applying kind of нажмите сюда setting for each raw посмотреть еще. One day I open same raw file with Перейти на страницу and CP1 side by side, and can’t believe they are 2 different picture at all.

Different color temperature and sharpness level. That’s why I look at the setting in CP1 and found the default make effect the raw file in general. Most of the time Http:// just simply want to make picture brighter or sharper, and only few picture I would take time to apply some other adjustments.

Now I capture one pro 12 sharpening free really confused for following term:. It seems RAW file will not be fuji color, and I have to do the color adjustment on my own. I am not посетить страницу at color, that’s my reason to choose Fujifilm camera. I didn’t use structure before, and it’s seems easier than sharping settings.

However, I am still confused by the capture one pro 12 sharpening free settings. The raw files looks really different in LR and CP1. Even in CP1, opening Jpg and raw looks different either. I am not good at color tuning, maybe I should stick on Jpg forever XD. In addition, as I remember in HyperUlitity by fuji. There capture one pro 12 sharpening free be a parameter call “camera setting”, like the WB, sharp, and others. I know it’s Fuji own ulitity. Furthermore, if CP1 can read all the parameter right.

It make more sense, acdsee 8 key free download I believe different utility may using different algorithm for kind of sharpness, The parameter may differ too. Just my guess All RAW converters apply a default color profile, tone curve, some sharpening ,and maybe a bit of NR. It is meant to be a starting point for editing, not a finished product.

With Lightroom or C, you can set up whatever default import processing you prefer to produce whatever kind of starting images you like to work with. Some folks like a flatter image to start, some like a punchier look.

I have custom import settings in LR that produce better than Jpeg quality with usually just a touch of brightness and sharpening adjustment. When you set something in your Fuji, say the highlights, the shadows, the sharpness etc, it only applies to the JPGs. Raw files look always flatter, e. Having a flatter image is always a better starting point than having a contrasty image. You can always fine tune contrast and saturation to make it look like you JPGs.

You can then save all those settings as a user preset and apply it to all pictures you will import into Capture one. This the the default sharpening setting. That does not mean it is the best setting. In C1 there are built in “presets. Open that up and you will see 7 options допускаете adobe acrobat pro x gratuit free download навел you include no sharpening.

The last two refer to version 3. I have found that pre sharpening 1 to be the best starting point for sharpening for XTrans. That is. On images that need a little more sharpening then one of the soft image sharpening settings might be needed.

Also in C1 the sharpening is cannot be looked upon as stand alone. It is intertwined with the structure setting and clarity settings. I have reset my default to “pre sharpening 1” given above and start from there. That seems to work the best for the types of subject matter I normally take. Also depending on you aperture setting, you might need to invoke diffraction correction as this will work better on address diffraction better than sharpening alone.

Since I normally shoot at more open apertures I don’t always use diffraction correction since processing when it is not needed will do more harm than good.

But if I am shooting at f5. I don’t know about Lightroom nor do I care – but with C1 sharpening cannot be taken out of context with the other capture one pro 12 sharpening free.

But I find pre sharpening 1 to be a good default starting point. The “auto” setting is whichever sim was selected in-body. LR is color tech backward engineered – and very much hit capture one pro 12 sharpening free miss. Much more effort is put into color grading for Canon and presumably, Nikon making those Adobe profiles consistently capture one pro 12 sharpening free close.

Not that the JPEGs from the camera are bad Lightroom is the same. All adjustments are somewhat interactive, with sharpening in particular being easy to screw up with an ill considered peripheral setting. The sharpening-blur question is somewhat a matter capture one pro 12 sharpening free taste, and C1 capture one pro 12 sharpening free to as close as possible to Fuji default parameters for OOC – which is conservative very little sharpening and considerable noise reduction – especially in the high ISOs.

There are good paid profiles that improve on this from the perspective of greater sharpness. These tend to identify the main culprit as relating to threshold. A great deal can be accomplished without worries about over-sharpening or appearance of noise by bringing the threshold down to 0.

You can slightly reduce radius at lower ISOs, as well – but that should be subject dependent. I don’t do that for people shots or increase radius for ruddy complexions. Oddly, the default sharpening and noise settings really don’t need to be changed much.

I think “” would be excessive and give you a very digital look for most situations, but its all subjective. The noise reduction can make a big difference on the sharpness of photos. The major reason you are microsoft office 2010 sharepoint free download differences in Capture One default settings between when a jpeg image is selected and when a RAW image is selected is just that.

A jpeg image has already been processed by your camera using your preferred camera settings sharpening, highlights, shadows etc. The RAW file is basically capture one pro 12 sharpening free unprocessed pixel data as read out of each sensor pixel plus other information like the white balance setting the camera thought capture one pro 12 sharpening free be used for the image, the film simulation selected etc. The data in the RAW file needs to be modified and processed by your chosen software Capture One in order to produce an acceptable looking image.

When the camera processes the sensor data it creates a jpeg image that needs to be capture one pro 12 sharpening free in some form of lighting and it embeds a value in the jpeg EXIF data telling viewing software what temperature of light should be used to view the image in order to see the correct colours. In This case the jpeg has told C1 to use one of the universal standard light temperatures of K. In terms of the different C1 sharpening settings, well, the jpeg has already been sharpened by the in-camera processing so C1 does not need to add any more by default but, the RAW image has not had any sharpening done to it as it is unprocessed sensor readings so C1 adds a default set of sharpening values as a good starting point.

But, each image needs to be treated individually to your taste. Capture Ones’ default settings are capture one pro 12 sharpening free to help you and you can change any and перейти на страницу of them if you want to. Each RAW processing software will have different sharpening processes, tone-curves etc.

Just like Lightroom, C1 reproduces the basic Fuji color profiles pretty well, but neither includes other proprietary processing that occurs in-camera such as custom tone curves, diffraction correction, film grain, shadow and highlight recovery, NR, sharpening, capture one pro 12 sharpening free chrome effect etc. I don’t use them often, and I don’t shoot jpegs, but I have compared some of Adobe’s Fuji sims and capture one pro 12 sharpening free look reasonably close to my eye.

Adobe’s own profiles do vary quite a lot from camera to camera, some of which look truly awful.


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So I am now back to the Sony Express which actually has a much better user interface–like a dedicated button for exporting. I had the Pro version for one day before it said my trial offer expired I recently tried the older Pro version, so maybe they wouldn’t let me try the newer version for another trial? It’s a shame, but It doesn’t matter. In questo post ti voglio parlare di JPEGmini, uno degli strumenti che utilizzo costantemente da qualche anno nel mio workflow e che chiude il percorso delle foto prima di essere condivise online.


The BEST Way to Sharpen Your Photos in Capture One | FUJIFILM X Raw files


Camera, lens and software manufacturer Phase One has introduced a new version of its image manipulation software package that it says improves the speed at which it runs and which adds a collection of new editing tools — as well as sharpfning with additional cameras and lenses. Phase One has also added new sharpening tools that between them counter softness caused by diffraction, reduce the effects of haloing and which allow localized sharpening of selected areas.

A further sharpening control provides the means to create output sharpening parameters for raw images as they are converted for particular purposes — such as for different print sizes or for web use. For images going to print the tool allows users to specify how far away viewers are likely to be по этому сообщению the program can generate suitable sharpening levels.

On the organizational side Version 10 allows users to move folders within a catalogue and allows filtering of images by their orientation. The new application is also compatible with Tangent editing products. These are mixing-desk-like tools that provide an alternative capture one pro 12 sharpening free traditional keyboard-and-mouse cree of software. These panels are said to make editing software more intuitive and faster to use.

Subscribers can just download the latest version as part of their package. For more information visit the Phase One website. Designed to support wide ranging workflows of both professional and passionate photographers, Capture One Pro is known and trusted for rendering the finest image color and detail from more than digital camera models.

Now, based on customer ffee, Capture One Pro 10 puts superior user experience center stage — with interface improvements, under-the-hood tuning, and exciting new features that furnish the fastest, most reliable and most powerful performance yet. Enhanced User Experience. Faster browsing, zooming, panning, and ease in switching between images even at percent view. Also, a new default workspace offers a more intuitive experience for new users, with examples for getting started.

On-screen proofing. An enhanced proof mode takes the guesswork out of the raw conversion process. From the viewer panel, users can now simulate the final size, resolution, color, compression artifacts and sharpening of frree. This is especially useful for live assessment of files — particularly small files for the web and for optimizing image compression quality. A look into the future of image editing: Inspired by video grading processes, users can now access Capture One Pro directly through a Tangent panel system.

A camera focus tool module for tethered cameras — especially useful for product, still life, macro, and Cultural Heritage photography projects. We believe that with this release, we are delivering the most powerful, responsive, and user customizable image processor available. For a complete list of newly supported cameras and lenses, please go to: www. For customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 9 since November capture one pro 12 sharpening free,Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee.

Capture one pro 12 sharpening free customers can download their upgrade today at phaseone. Capture One Pro is also available by subscription. Please see all subscription options at www. I love Capture One, but it has to be источник, after using 10 since release, this update has slowed down workflow to a snail’s pace on a Mac when compared to v9.

Still no de-haze tool, years after the other major RAW processor software packages have had this very useful ability. I know you can do it in C1 but it is a multi step process and even at its best is not the equal of this tool in CCR or LR. It is not as if users have not been asking for it either. Capture one pro 12 sharpening free on my second visit to Myanmar last month, I was mainly up in the mountainous north east, where haze is far less of a problem.

They state about the sharpening tool: “Now there is new Halo suppression slider to remove specific «halo» effect, which often capture one pro 12 sharpening free during sharpening. Ffree the halo suppression tool on the sharpening panel does not really come into play cree de-hazing in C1. The main tools used if you feel you have to de-haze within C1, are the contrast, clarity and structure tools together with the gradient mask tool.

I really don’t understand why Phase One are so reluctant to add this. I can only assume it is the “not invented here” philosophy but they are not doing their customers any favours by this attitude. People may say “well I don’t need it, so there”. If you don’t need a tool you are not forced to use it but it would be there for other folk who do want to use it.

I have tried and tried to like this software since ver. Very non-intuitive to me. Every software package has its learning curve, but C1 seems to have a much steeper curve than average. Hovering over any tool icon does not instantly pop up text to tell you what it is for, unless capure hold the pointer there for a frustrating while.

Lens selection seems to be non-functional in the Sony version, grayed out. I don’t see that C1 is giving me any benefit over the software I already have.

In fact it is the opposite for me. I know that many people swear by C1, but it’s a matter of personal preference. I’ll stick to my favorite program, which is probably the oldest kid on the block, Corel’s PaintShop Pro.

Okay, however PaintShop does not compete as a raw extraction program. Nor does fgee better raw extraction software from Corel, AftershotPro, compete with C1. And I’m not even a C1 user, I just test the new trialware whenever it comes along. Yes; and I think the same argument can apply to almost any software package that has competitors. I just happen to dislike Adobe and Capture one pro 12 sharpening free нажмите сюда, just like I despise Apple and Apple products, and would not buy their products.

A personal choice. There are plenty of good RAW processors, including free ones. Right, you can make a personal choice to not buy Apple or Adobe. Capture one pro 12 sharpening free are tons of video tutorials for C1 and it becomes second nature after slow and steady effort. I found Lightroom to be difficult when I first started using it at v2.

I used it till v5 and never liked the color rendition. I loved how C1 would allow you to customize your own workspace tools where you want смотрите подробнее as capture one pro 12 sharpening free as allow you to program your own keys.

C1 RAW processing is also exceptional. The color rendition is spot on with minimal work. I often shoot in crappy lighting situations and the other photographers who I transmit images next to often capture one pro 12 sharpening free the better color rendition from C1 when we compare images. Many are used to the Lightroom workflow and don’t want to put in the effort capture one pro 12 sharpening free switch.

C1 also in skintones. Thanks Joe Tam. I realize that there is a learning curve to every software package. I haven’t given up on C1, but probably a matter of convenience using what I’ve already learned.

I’ll take your advice to heart, though. It’s capgure like Phase makes some direct competition capture one pro 12 sharpening free the X1D. NET software either. The whole capture one pro 12 sharpening free froze, and I had to go into Task Manager and kill it, then restart it. The diffraction and halo reduction tools are in the Express for Sony vers. Initial impressions – v10 outputs slightly sharper resized JPEGs and reds seem to be blended differently.

Читать далее still don’t like using C1’s NR. I seem to remember feeling the same way when moving from v8 to v9, but the installation was an absolute pain Windows 7 x64! I know, free. I could blame the installation package, Microsoft, my hard drive, or myself, but it took not one but two restarts, one of which адрес страницы Windows into a fugue state for about 20 minutes.

NET prk. I shatpening into the. NET update garbage too. And I was just trying, going to try, the trialware of C1 V It’s not like Sharpeninb don’t update Windows. NET included, every business day. NET updates are syarpening something I suppress on my Win 7 system so as to avoid those “helpers” that say “upgrade to Win 10”. It would seem wharpening, as you sort of suggest, if PhaseOne directed one in advance to download and install the appropriate.

If somehow whatever. Sounds like nice improvement, but still miss very much Flickr or eventually Facebook or ideally Apple Photo stream option!

Or option to make plug-in. Id love to see some reviews and what it bring to the table compared to the current mainstream Shapening Editors, including CO. As a side note, seems its becoming a fashion that companies release news and product announcements so early before anything comes out that I start doubting if they even have the product at all. And the Hassy X1D?

That’s been like how many months now? All vaporware. At least, PhaseOne to their credit, announces a new product and its available. Pretty sure I remember trying a beta more than 6 months ago; нажмите чтобы увидеть больше wasn’t ready. Or it could be very limited version of Affinity for Windows that I tried; that capture one pro 12 sharpening free was not ready. And it still isn’t.

Suspect it was On1, since Affinity allows you to download the “offline” installer.

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