Society is a society of that what we create. Social media, metaverse, politicians, convictions. My paintings are based on being human within society today and visualizing my questions about what this might mean to me. Looking for humanity, interpreting parallel realities and technical inventions. I’m inspired by street-art, Asian art , Antony Gormley and Kara Walker. As a technique I used pencil and black oil paint on canvas. But I changed it recently to colour to add a philosophical layer in the search for the dynamics of human life. (for more of me, click here)



In the studio working on a large painting for BIG Art:


21 April-18 August: NDSM Fuse groupexhibit XIII Timeframe

25, 26 en 27 August: IJ-Kunst Collectief

– 1 sept NDSM Fuse XIV group exibit.

– 29, 30 Sept and October 1: BIG ART

– 7 October Open Studios NDSM.


Experimenting with colours:

colour study: Pieces of a puzzle 120×150 oil on canvas 2023
Colour study: Orange is the new black 115×90 oil on canvas 2023.

Making A4 drawings and translating them to canvas:

Love and Love Lost 150×120 Oil on canvas 2023
Programming 115×90 oil on canvas 2023
Stencil Realism 80×100 oil on canvas 2023
120×100 Oil on canvas 2023
Paper King 150×200 oil on canvas 2021