With my paintings I’m trying to capture being human within society today and visualize my questions about what this might mean to me. I’m inspired by street-art, Asian art , Anthony Gormley and Kara Walker. As a technique I use pencil and black oil paint on canvas. By using paint to draw, the length of the brush hairs determine the character of the line and by combining wet and dry brush, the painting gets a soft charcoal character. (for more of me, click here)


– End of April-June: group exhibition “Odyssee” @NDSM Fuse:

– June: Solo exhibition @NDSM Fuse

Group exhibition: “Odyssee 2.0” @NDSM Fuse:

Opening Friday 29 April 17.00 / Open Thursday-Sunday 12.00-18.00

Animated realities 150×180 oil on canvas

paper king 150×200 / cyber crossing 150×180:



Paper king 90×115

Art of war 120×135

@ Studio NDSM October: Working on a study (120×150):

@ AAF Brussel with Wanrooij gallery 22-26 Sept:

Standing II 115×90 oil on canvas

@NDSM Fuse inbetween expo 3-19 september: