Society is a shared reality that people construct as they interact with one another. Our interaction, group dynamics, desires and expectations are the pieces of the puzzle of how we shape our surroundings. Social media, politicians, convictions. My paintings are based on being human within society today and visualize my questions about what this might mean to me. Looking at mankind, interpreting parallel realities and technical inventions. I’m inspired by street-art, literature, philosophy and sociology. For my technique I use pencil and oil paint on canvas. For more info click here.



Sneak peek: detail animation:

A new experiment: Cyanotype aka Blueprint

Postcards for sale @ NDSM Fuse:

A recent exhibition: 10-16 June 13.00-17.00 @ Summer of Art / Toren Grote Kerk Monnikendam.

New Nieuw Babylon group exhibit: at NDSM Fuse : April-Sept/Thu-Sun 12.00-18.00

My next series of paintings will be based on the philosophy and writings by Samuel Beckett:

“I am an analyzer, trying to leave out as much as I can.”




For more drawings click here.


Love or intimidation? Frontline 50×70:

Have you ever wondered what goes on in someone’s head? Mind map 45×55:

Love and Love Lost 150×120 Oil on canvas 2023