Society is a society of that what we create. Social media, Metaverse, politicians, convictions. Mack’s paintings are based on her observations of contemporary stories of humanity on the streets of international cities. People, their body language and interactions. With a compositional rhythm she creates a dialogue between the people in the painting and the observer. By adding new technical inventions to our physical reality, she combines creator and creation in one image, producing an action-reaction, showing parallel realities and wonders about the desires and state of mind of people today. Her paintings are a personal interpretation of the world she sees around her, but they leave an open narrative for everyone to explore individually.

Mack comes from a background in sculpture, photography and film. She’s inspired by street-art, Asian art, Anthony Gormley and Kara Walker, both place individuals in context to their environment, time and society.

As a technique she uses pencil and black oil paint on canvas. By using paint to draw, the length of the brush hairs determine the character of the line and by combining wet and dry brush, the painting gets a soft charcoal character.

150×180 oil on canvas

Mack is an artist whose figurative paintings are based on a contemporary narrative inspired by society.

In her work she searches for the soul of modern man, his relation to the people around him and his moment to moment battle with space and perception, vision and placement, survival and in some cases death. She draws you into her imaginative view of modern absurdity. While at first glance she takes you on a trip into a simplistic landscape, a second look shows a use of image and background and a philosophical depth that allows the observer to create his own less than comfortable view of the world he inhabits.

The fact that she chooses to work into detail some of the elements in the painting while leaving other parts unfinished creates a visual depth that makes it possible to interpret her work at different levels.


150×200 oil on canvas

DH Mack is a painter in the true sense of the word. At first sight, her paintings are depictions of casual social relations in which people are sitting on a bench or waiting in line. As you allow yourself time to observe the characters you start to associate different parts of the painting in order to find the meaning of these relationships.

The form of the characters seems to tell you something about them. The boy in the centre of the painting that is only coarsely outlined may be detached from the other characters that are finely detailed. A shape that seemed to be part of the background suddenly pops up into the foreground and becomes a character that dominates the scene and you start to find symbols that are shared between characters.

Suddenly you realise that your leaning posture resembles that of the people standing in line and the way you cross your arms must be related to the way the old man folds his hands and looks at you. As you become part of the story, the painting begs the question how you attribute meaning to anything.

It is the hallmark of a good artist that she intentionally changes your perception of reality. After you have seen DH Mack’s paintings, you’ll see meaning in social situations in a new way.

J. vd S